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William's Grant Inn offers you a selection of five individually appointed guest rooms. 

Each room has story as well as bathroom, ceiling fan, air conditioner and some of the rooms have fireplaces.

  • Blithewold Room
  • Sturbridge Room
  • Nautical Room
  • Middleburg Room
  • Garden Room

Blithewald Room

Named for the Bristol mansion built by Augustus Van Wickle and his wife, Bessie Pardee Van Wickle. Augustus was a Pennsylvania coal baron, but they loved the Rhode Island waters for sailing. So, they created a large, Queen Anne style mansion, and moved in during the summer of 1896. They would reside at Blithewold from May until November. Bessie hired John DeWolf, Bristol landscape architect and Superintendent of Prospect Park, New York City, to help implement her vision of a horticultural sanctuary.


The Blithewold room is a large room with antique Victorian décor with handmade Oriental carpets.  The floor is the house's original hand-hewn planking.  It has a queen bed and an optional cot for a third person.  To bring about smiles after a restful night the room is decorated with a stuffed toy rabbit collection.


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Sturbridge Room Sturbridge Fireplace

Named for Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts, located less than an hour’s drive from the inn. William’s Grant Inn Innkeeper, Warren Poehler’s maternal heritage is from the Plymouth Colony, particularly Richard Warren. Richard was a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620 and was a successful businessman.

At Sturbridge Village visitors encounter authentically costumed staff, called history interpreters, carry out the daily activities of an early 19th-century community. Here you may wander country roads and visit with a farmer plowing fields, listen to the blacksmith's rhythmic hammering, or smell the aroma of bread baking in a fireplace oven. With four unique seasons and more than 200 acres to explore, there is always something new to see at Old Sturbridge Village.


The Sturbridge Room is a large room with a queen bead, antique Victorian décor and handmade oriental carpets.   It also has a fireplace with a gas-operated coal basket.


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Nautical Room Nautical Fireplace

Named for Bristol’s close proximity to Narragansett Bay and the nautical history of the region. Bristol is the site of the America’s Cup Hall of Fame and the Cherries Museum, just four blocks from the inn. The Nautical Room is a favorite of visitors to these historic racing museums, where one can see the long and grand history of the America’s Cup saga through the many campaigns and learn the of the historic Cherries role in the story.  Immerse yourself in exhibits about the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, the America’s Cup, and the fabulous people and yachts that gained fame around the world.


The Natutical Room has a queen bead, antique nautical décor, and handmade oriental carpets. Though all our rooms have private baths, this bathroom includes a whirlpool tub. 


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Middleburg Room Middleburg Room Fireplace

Named after Middleburg, Virginia, at the heart of equestrian sport of Virginia and its history. William’s Grant Inn Innkeeper, Diane Poehler’s, birthplace is Arlington,Virginia, The Innkeeper family has a history in equestrian sport through its travels to New Zealand and Virginia, so a equestrian English countryside themed room was chosen. Low stone walls gracefully wind through pristine fields that stretch to the horizon. Picturesque farms provide tranquil settings for some of the finest horses in the country.


The Middleburg room is a fully carpeted large room with antique equestrian décor and handmade oriental area carpets.   The room has a queen bed with an optional cot.  The Middleburg and Garden Rooms are on the same floor. If you are traveling together as a group or family they are uniquely suitable to be reserved together.


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Garden Room Garden Room Fireplace

The Garden Room overlooks the back gardens of the inn and is decorated with original art in the floral genre created by accomplished family artists.  It was felt that a room done in garden décor was an excellent reflection of the innkeepers’ love of the beauty of all things floral. Overlooking the back gardens and the koi pond is restful and located in the quietest part of the inn. The gardens feature many shades of green and splashes of color. The bedding is floral in design and fresh flowers abound throughout the room and the inn.


The Garden room has ample room with a Queen bed and antique garden décor.  The room is fully carpeted with handmade Oriental area carpets. The Middleburg and Garden Rooms are on the same floor. If you are traveling together as a group or family they are uniquely suitable to be reserved together.


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